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Transformations Ireland and our friends have been meeting since 2000 to pray together for the transformation of our cities and nation.

Transformations Ireland and our friends have been meeting regularly since 2000 to pray together for the transformation of our cities and nation. This was initially inspired by the Transformations videos that show examples where communities and cities throughout the world are experiencing transformation as God moves in response to the churches in those areas uniting to pray and work together.

Community Transformation

Prayer, humility and deep repentance are key factors in seeing community transformation/transformational revival happen. Our concern has been to see prayer take place and to encourage relationships amongst Christians across all denominations. To this end we have organised prayer breakfasts, leaders retreat days, worship and intercession concerts, prayer meetings in Stormont (praying for our politicians), the Global Day of Prayer events from 2005 – 2010, a number of conferences on the themes relating to prayer and intercession, teaching courses on prayer, intercession and community transformation. We seek to encourage and to come alongside groups and individuals who are seeking God’s Kingdom to come and impact their community and we partner and work with other groups and organisations who have that same heart

We are delighted to support the work of Transformations Ireland as it networks, encourages and mobilises united prayer across Northern Ireland and Ireland.



To see our LAND BLESSED and TRANSFORMED as the result of fervent united prayer of Christians in the churches.

To AFFIRM what the Lord is doing through different churches in our local communities.

To FELLOWSHIP with one another across denominations in order to strengthen our Christian family ties. We recognise that we need to avail of opportunities to develop trust and relationships amongst leaders and amongst church members in the nation.

To ENCOURAGE one another in united, fervent and persistent intercessory prayer. We want to be able to recognise the obstacles to the Kingdom of God in our nations and take positive action for their removal.

To VISION–CAST so that while individually we may work locally, we keep focused on the bigger picture of God’s transforming plan for our nation.


We hold the following values……

These are values that the board of Transformations Ireland hold as important and central to all that we do. Also in pursuit of the broad vision outlined above, and with particular reference to the Global Day of Prayer events on Pentecost Sunday, we wish to see the following values expressed in initiatives we become involved in.

All church bodies and groupings of Christians, whether small or whether part of larger denominations, are valued and welcome to join with us in prayer for the Kingdom of God to impact our nation.

We want to encourage fervent and united prayer to see our nation transformed. It is not our intention to provide platforms to promote the ministries of individuals or organisations, including our own committee members.

We value support and encouragement from whatever source and in whatever amount. Although we shall be grateful and may acknowledge help given, we will not show particular preference to those who, by virtue of God’s blessing are able to support us in a significant manner.

We recognise that we are only a small part of the overall church and of what God desires to do in our nation. We trust that our contributions, by grace, may be found worthwhile and we wish to recognise others also who may have a similar heart to see our nation blessed through prayer.


Watch “The Dark World of Christian Music” on YouTube

The purpose of this website is to encourage the Body of Christ, His Church in thier relationship and fellowship first and foremost with Him and also with eachother. Since I was young in the faith I have been very grateful for the foundational teaching I received from my first Pastor who would often say “Say what you believe and believe what you say” and also “Sing what you believe and believe what you sing”.

It’s stuck with me that we need to be very careful about what we offer up to the Lord in way of Praise and Worship.

I’ve shared this YouTube video because it expresses very well some of the things we all as Christians should be mindful of and consider seriously.

The examples of ministries or individuals shared in the video are beside the point and my hope and prayer is that you’d not let it unnecessarily distract you from the issue. I personally shy away from the temptation to tar everyone with the same brush and don’t think for one moment the author of the video is trying to do that either.

I hope this edifies and encourages.

There are 4 basic skills involved in Bible study: Observation, Interpretation, Organization, and Application.

♦ Observation – teaches you to see precisely what the passage says. It is the basis for accurate interpretation and correct application. Observation answers the question: What does the passage say?

♦ Interpretation – answers the question: What does the passage mean?

♦ Organization – answers the question: How does it fit into the context of the whole Bible?

♦ Application – answers the question: What does it mean to me personally? What truths can I put into practice? What changes should I make in my life?

How to Study the Bible
Michael A. Heiser

How to Study the Bible