I Have a (Christian) Dream

…that one day God’s People will walk with dignity, with shoulders held high, knowing their identity as royal priests in the Kingdom of God.

…that Jesus’ People will be recognized by the world for their strength of character, their courage, generosity, uprightness in money matters, distinctiveness in the way they value and live out the covenant of marriage, sacrificial love for one another, and mercy and love for their enemies.

…that the purpose and thrust of Christianity will become the completion of Jesus’ Great Commission–proclaiming the Good News and making Disciples–and that this purpose will burn hot in the blood of every disciple.

…that the equipping servants will care more about God’s People ministering than about their own platform, image before men, or paycheck.

…that elders in each city will unify, recognizing their part in the One Flock in their city, and pray and work together for each sheep’s development and safe arrival in Jesus’ coming Kingdom.

…that sincere believers will all unify, in heart, in thought, in purpose, and in respect, under the One Head of the Body, Jesus, and lose sight of human organizational or minor doctrinal divisions.

…that what’s come to be known as “church” will reform to match the New Testament Scriptures, with freedom and full participation of each member of Jesus’ Body, for the full edification of God’s People and salvation of the world.

— David O’Brien, from his book Return to Acts Christianity. All for the prize publications.

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