The Fellowship of Believers

A sermon from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

A Christian is a person who has received abundant life from God and what does the Christian do in response to this incredible measure of grace? He goes to church. Dr. Lloyd-Jones quotes a Welsh politician in the 1960’s who said, “I’m a Christian, but the non-churchgoing type.” Dr. Lloyd-Jones exposes this wrong thinking, showing that a Christian is not one who goes to church once a year or not at all, but one who participates actively in Christ’s body in a response of thankfulness and servitude. Reaching the world does not start with asking people to go to church; it starts with sharing the gospel, as the gospel is the most important truth in the world. As Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains, if an unbeliever is saved by Christ, they will naturally want to join the local, visible family of Christ. Ultimately, Christians gather because they rejoice in the same Savior. As Dr. Lloyd-Jones preaches from Acts 2:41–47, we learn that in this life, there is only one way to get to the favorable side of eternity: through Christ’s blood. Those who respond to His sacrifice and rejoice in Him will be in fellowship with believers today.

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