Revival Sermon by Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones

Prayer for Revival

The church today is too regular, doing what other religions can do. Other religions can teach a man to be moral and just. Other religions can create a sense of community and friendship. Other religions can do good things in the community. Christians tend to be content with these small things; content with the unexceptional and ordinary condition of the Church. We must pray for revival. In this sermon on Exodus 33:12-17, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones looks at the prayer of Moses, as Moses prays for more. God had returned to Israel and Moses is grateful for this, but he wants more. Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains that praying for revival is praying for something extra, something more. Revival is not ordinary. It is a special, unusual, and exceptional move of God. The Christian praying for revival is no longer satisfied with the ordinary condition of the Church. He prays for God’s glory to be shown. He cries for the “depths” that God may be known. True revival cannot be manipulated. The moment we believe this can be organized, we are in great danger. Listen in as Dr. Lloyd-Jones explains that church needs the power of God. The Holy Spirit must fall upon us, and we must be revived.

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