Better is One Day

Better is One Day

I sang this worship song which may be familiar to many a long time ago. I’d been invited to lead some worship at the then Rostrevor Renewal Centre, Northern Ireland, and asked a young lady called Clare from the fellowship we were members of to accompany me.

We were both quite new in this kind of thing and to be honest, knowing how anointed a singer she was and how much she loved the Lord it was an encouragement to me that she agreed to come along.

I’d like to share this song “Better is One Day” with you from our time there because it is an example of how the Lord can take you up by His Spirit to unexpected places in worship.

I trust as you listen to it you will know the closeness and the comfort of the Lord and be encouraged today that His promises to you are Yes and Amen and that in His presence there is fullness of joy.

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