Watch “The Dark World of Christian Music” on YouTube

The purpose of this website is to encourage the Body of Christ, His Church in thier relationship and fellowship first and foremost with Him and also with eachother. Since I was young in the faith I have been very grateful for the foundational teaching I received from my first Pastor who would often say “Say what you believe and believe what you say” and also “Sing what you believe and believe what you sing”.

It’s stuck with me that we need to be very careful about what we offer up to the Lord in way of Praise and Worship.

I’ve shared this YouTube video because it expresses very well some of the things we all as Christians should be mindful of and consider seriously.

The examples of ministries or individuals shared in the video are beside the point and my hope and prayer is that you’d not let it unnecessarily distract you from the issue. I personally shy away from the temptation to tar everyone with the same brush and don’t think for one moment the author of the video is trying to do that either.

I hope this edifies and encourages.

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