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About Us

Transformations Ireland and our friends have been meeting since 2000 to pray together for the transformation of our cities and nation.

Transformations Ireland and our friends have been meeting regularly since 2000 to pray together for the transformation of our cities and nation. This was initially inspired by the Transformations videos that show examples where communities and cities throughout the world are experiencing transformation as God moves in response to the churches in those areas uniting to pray and work together.

Community Transformation

Prayer, humility and deep repentance are key factors in seeing community transformation/transformational revival happen. Our concern has been to see prayer take place and to encourage relationships amongst Christians across all denominations. To this end we have organised prayer breakfasts, leaders retreat days, worship and intercession concerts, prayer meetings in Stormont (praying for our politicians), the Global Day of Prayer events from 2005 – 2010, a number of conferences on the themes relating to prayer and intercession, teaching courses on prayer, intercession and community transformation. We seek to encourage and to come alongside groups and individuals who are seeking God’s Kingdom to come and impact their community and we partner and work with other groups and organisations who have that same heart

We are delighted to support the work of Transformations Ireland as it networks, encourages and mobilises united prayer across Northern Ireland and Ireland.



To see our LAND BLESSED and TRANSFORMED as the result of fervent united prayer of Christians in the churches.

To AFFIRM what the Lord is doing through different churches in our local communities.

To FELLOWSHIP with one another across denominations in order to strengthen our Christian family ties. We recognise that we need to avail of opportunities to develop trust and relationships amongst leaders and amongst church members in the nation.

To ENCOURAGE one another in united, fervent and persistent intercessory prayer. We want to be able to recognise the obstacles to the Kingdom of God in our nations and take positive action for their removal.

To VISION–CAST so that while individually we may work locally, we keep focused on the bigger picture of God’s transforming plan for our nation.


We hold the following values……

These are values that the board of Transformations Ireland hold as important and central to all that we do. Also in pursuit of the broad vision outlined above, and with particular reference to the Global Day of Prayer events on Pentecost Sunday, we wish to see the following values expressed in initiatives we become involved in.

All church bodies and groupings of Christians, whether small or whether part of larger denominations, are valued and welcome to join with us in prayer for the Kingdom of God to impact our nation.

We want to encourage fervent and united prayer to see our nation transformed. It is not our intention to provide platforms to promote the ministries of individuals or organisations, including our own committee members.

We value support and encouragement from whatever source and in whatever amount. Although we shall be grateful and may acknowledge help given, we will not show particular preference to those who, by virtue of God’s blessing are able to support us in a significant manner.

We recognise that we are only a small part of the overall church and of what God desires to do in our nation. We trust that our contributions, by grace, may be found worthwhile and we wish to recognise others also who may have a similar heart to see our nation blessed through prayer.


Announcing new Ards & North Down Christian Community Hub (ANDCCH) Facebook Page

Following my unsuccessful efforts to have the ANDCCH Facebook page reinstated after what appears to have been a hacker attack I have had to create a new page but forced to use a new address link for it which is

Announcing the launch of “Stories From The Good News Letter”

I am extremely pleased to announce the launch of the first issue of Stories From The Good News Letter.

These are the stories of ordinary local people who have something in common. They have come to know the love of God in Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

It is my desire that these and subsequent stories of faith in Jesus Christ from local people will serve to inspire. challenge and encourage both Christians, and those yet to be, in Ards & North Down and beyond to realise again and again the awesome goodness of God toward us and be enthused to share thier own stories of faith in God.

If you know of any Church Fellowships, shops, or businesses that would be willing to display one of our booklet displays, poster or information card dispensers, or would like to know how you can get involved please message me or call on 07799929131.


Assistance Needed

Hello Folks,I’m looking for help with content to share on the Ards & North Down Christian Community Hub, a service and resource for the local Christian community and those seeking to know more.

Local stories of salvation and faith

Local people involved in Christian arts/media/music or literature

Local people involved in mission and Christian charity work both home and abroad

Local Christian business people

Some news!

The first issue of “Stories From The Good News Letter” a booklet with local people’s stories of their journey to and with God is soon to be launched and made freely available throughout the Ards & North Down area.

This is a companion publication of “The Good News Letter” which is available now on the website in digital format…/ and will also be available in digital format in the near future.

I am looking for assistance with its distribution to make it as widely available as possible. God willing this will be a quarterly publication.

If you can help and/or identify local shops or businesses that would be willing to have a booklet dispenser/small information poster/information cards I would be most grateful.

Yours sincerely,

David Gourley

“In this the love of God is known to us: for God sent his only Son to the world so that it shall live by him. God showed his love for us when he sent his only Son into the world to give us life. By this hath the charity of God appeared towards us, because God hath sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we may live by him.”